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Limited Edition: Holiday Manicure Set

perfect "painted" nails in minutes

Nail Wraps New Collection

Transform your nails from brittle to unbreakable

Nail Hardeners

Let your natural beauty shine

Eye Care

No more damaged cuticles

Cuticle Night Repair "Miracle Pen"

Transform your nails with Herome's Nail Hardener!


I love Herome. If there is something with my nails, it is fixed in no time. Nail hardener, cuticle night repair and the hand wash are my favo. Always beautiful nails and hands because of these products. Also the eyebrow products are awesome!!! I have one of those highlight pens and will never buy another one.


After having had fake nails for 25 years and being in lockdown without them , I started using herome. By now I am really addicted to the products 😃 and have quite a collection , you can also combine many products with each other and everything is actually good. My nails and cuticles are incredibly improved so never again artificial nails for me , but herome !


During my entire life I used acrylic nails because my nails did not grow and did not look nice. Two years ago, I decided to stop using acrylic nails and keep my own natural nails. I tried the Herome hardener and oil, and to my surprise, my nails started to GROW!!! They got stronger and longer. Since then, I have loved my natural nails and no longer need acrylics!!!


Superfine products, especially the
nail hardener and nail wraps are my favorite. The nail hardener does what it
promises and leaves my nails looking healthy and cared for. The nail wraps are
perfect for quickly applying a fun color or pattern to your nails.
I received another small gift with the order, very thoughtful! I would
certainly order here more often and recommend it to friends/family!


The pink Nail Essentials Set has helped me tremendously with damaged nails. After removing artificial nails, I had weak, sensitive and severely damaged nails. This set helped me a lot and I walk around with healthy and strong nails again!


Super happy with nail hardener!
I first used this as a cure and now in between as a basecoat and my
nails are really a lot stronger and longer because they don't tear off anymore. I
did get the advice to use nail oil in between as well because it helps.
Like these tips because I think this really helps.


I am addicted to the Herome products. Have a pretty big toiletry bag full by now. Feels like a delicious candy store 😋 The products do what they say and the mini nail polishes last up to 10 days during the vacations. Also the eyebrow products very fine and easy to apply. So I would have preferred to give it 10 stars. Long live Herome!