Hoe verzorg je beschadigde nagels na gellak of acryl?

How do you care for damaged nails after gel polish or acrylic?

No one is happy about damaged nails. The long-term use of gel polish or acrylic nail polish can unfortunately lead to damage to your nails. This can result in weak, brittle nails that not only look less well-groomed, but can also feel uncomfortable.

Fortunately, there are certain ways to properly care for your nails so that they shine again in no time. Good nail care can ensure that your nails quickly become healthy and strong again. In this blog we give you tips to repair damaged nails. These tips will help you make your nails shine again!


Are acrylic nails and gel polish bad for your nails?

Acrylic nails and gel polish look very beautiful, we absolutely agree. But it is often said that gel polish and acrylic nails are bad for your nails. This is not entirely correct.

It is a fact that removing gel polish, for example, causes damage to the nail. Gel polish is often removed with strong acetone or by soaking it in water, which dries out your nails very much. You recognize dry nails immediately, they look dull and white.

Removing the other residues and polishing the nail with a brush is also not good for the nails. The brush grinds away the gel polish and a layer of the nail. This causes circles on the nails. When the nail polish is gone, you can clearly see the circles.


To prevent nails from being damaged by gel polish, it is also important that you do not try to pick the gel polish off your nails yourself. You can also take the top layer of your own nail and damage the nail. And that is of course not the intention.

Damaged nails after gel polish 

When you remove your gel nails , your nails may immediately feel thinner. We can immediately reassure you that this is nothing to worry about.

Gel polish makes your nails feel heavier. Even though your nails have not necessarily become thinner, the gel can cause your nails to become weaker. It is therefore recommended not to keep gel polish on the nails too often and for too long.

Do you have painful nails after gel polish? It may be that you have used gel polish too often and your nails are now thin. If your nails hurt in heat or cold, it is a good idea to stop using gel polish immediately. Therefore, let your nails rest and recover until the top layer has grown back.

Care for damaged nails after gel polish

Fortunately, you can easily repair dry and damaged nails. We recommend using Herome's Nourishing Nail Oil .

This nail gel not only hydrates your dry nails, but also crawls under the cuticle to the nail root to intensively repair the nail. This way you ensure that your nails are in top condition again!  

Damaged nails after acrylic nails

Acrylic nails (artificial nails) also damage your own nails, especially when removed. There are different ways to remove acrylic nails and with each method it is impossible not to damage the top layer of your nail...

Whether you use special aggressive cleaning wipes that are very harmful to your nails, file the acrylic nails and file away too much or pick at them and pull pieces of your own nails with them. We must conclude that removing artificial nails always causes damage.

But don't worry, you can repair your damaged nails in no time!

Caring for damaged nails after acrylic nails.

Yes, fortunately nails recover relatively quickly with the right care products. To repair the damaged nail from acrylic nails as quickly as possible, use the Herome Exit Damaged Nails:

Herome Exit Damaged Nails

Exit Damaged Nails from Herome is the product that immediately repairs extremely damaged nailst and is therefore extremely suitable for use after removing artificial nails. The Herome Exit Damaged Nails restores strength to the nails and immediately improves the structure of the nails.

Herome Nail Hardener

We also recommend that you only start using acrylic nails or gel polish again once the nails have fully recovered. Are your nails still on the thin side? Then use the Nail Hardener from Herome.

More tips and advice about your nails?

Do you want to know which other Herome care products can restore your nails? Take a look at our webshop!

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