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The best foot care

Good foot care for happy feet is essential.

Just like your hands and nails, it is important to take care of your feet regularly. Those feet are often in (too) tight shoes or sultry sports sneakers and take you from place to place all day long. That is why they deserve some extra attention. With Herome foot care products you give your feet the intensive care they long for.

Take care of your feet with foot creams from Herome

Do you want silky soft, fresh feet? With Herome foot creams you can combat painful and dry cracks on the feet. The intensive effect of ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E and vitamin B5 stimulates the formation of new skin cells. This repairs the broken or irritated skin. The foot care cream softens the skin, ensures better blood circulation and improves the elasticity of the skin. The result: velvety soft feet that can get going again. Do you want to take care of your feet every day? The invigorating foot cream refreshes the feet and has a cooling effect. For a fresh and clean feeling all day long. In addition, the foot cream protects the skin against bacteria and soothes (itchy) skin irritations.

Choose from a wide range of foot care products

The soothing foot spray stimulates blood circulation and relieves fatigue in the legs and feet. Do you have a long flight or car journey ahead? The foot spray prevents heavy legs and swollen ankles during a long sitting. And did you know that you can file your feet nicely with a special foot file? This way you immediately have silky soft feet. If you use the file for your feet regularly, you ensure that hard skin such as calluses does not stand a chance.

Are you also looking for a suitable file for your hands and nails? With a glass file you keep the nail plates closed and no air gets between them. The result: a nail that does not break. The handy onetravel sizeglass file is the perfect travel companion on the go.

Shop your favorite foot care products online at Herome

Herome's animal-free products do what they promise. Try it yourself and be amazed by the results. You can also buy care products for your hands and nails at Herome. Order your favorite foot care products easily and quickly via the online shop. Because well-cared for feet are happy feet.