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Nail hardener from Herome

Of course we all want healthy, long and, above all, strong nails. So it is extremely frustrating when they tear or break off again and again, just before you have reached your ideal length. A good nail hardener is therefore the ideal solution for weak nails that tear easily. This includes the active ingredient keratin. This is a protein that provides a hard protective layer, including in your nails. The added keratin in the nail hardener ensures that the condition of your nails improves. This way you will be on your way to strong and long nails faster.

View the different types of nail hardener

Each nail has its own problems. Extremely brittle nails require a different approach than nails that are flexible and pliable. For example, both break off easily, but you choose a different product to restore them. Nail Hardener Sensitive is a nail hardener for people with sensitive nails. It contains no formaldehyde, so you can use it every day. The Nail Hardener Strong is a strong nail hardener for people with weak and brittle nails. And the Nail Hardener Extra Strong is an award-winning extra strong nail hardener for quickly cracking nails.

How do you use a nail hardener?

Caring for strong and healthy nails starts with the basics. By filing your nails with the glass nail file you prevent annoying cracks. Before applying the nail hardener, first apply a greasy cream to your cuticles. On the first day you apply one layer, on the second day you apply another layer. On the third day, remove the layers with a nail polish remover and immediately repeat this process until you have used it for 30 days in a row. After this period you can also use the nail hardener under your nail polish as a base coat.

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Herome has been a specialist in nail and hand care for more than 35 years. Based on its expertise, it developed the best nail hardener, which prevents weak and brittle nails from breaking off. You can easily order Herome nail hardener via the webshop.