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French manicure gel polish

The ideal way to make your nails look fresh, healthy and long is to apply French manicure gel polish. With a classic French manicure, the tips of your nails are white. The rest of your nail bed gets a natural, pink French manicure color with nail polish. This form of decorating the nails has been around since the Middle Ages, where it was practiced among the upper class. To distinguish between the working masses, who often dabbled in the earth with their hands and were left with black nail edges, the nobility painted their nail edges white. In the 1970s, the style appeared on models on the French catwalks, where the neutral manicure served not to distract the public's attention from what it was all about: haute couture. From that moment on, the French manicure quickly spread to the rest of the world as a symbol of elegance. And now we can't do without it anymore.

Discover the different French manicure sets

The French manicure sets from Herome are available in different variants. The French Manicure Set Salmon promises white nail edges with a salmon-colored nail bed. The French Manicure Set Pink provides a fresh pink nail bed. The French Manicure Set Glitter is ideal for party moments, because of the glitter on the nail bed. And the French Manicure Set Glamor has a touch of mother of pearl for a chic effect. The Mini French Manicure Set is ideal for maintaining your nails while traveling. If you like the latest trends, choose a French manicure with a bright French manicure color on the nail edges.

How do you apply a French manicure?

First apply the layer of the Perfect Nail Contour 'White or Without'. This polish accentuates the white nail edges. Then you use the nail polish, for example salmon, pink, glitter or mother of pearl. This polish also strengthens your nails. Finally, apply the Protective Top Coat. This provides shine and a strong protective layer.Et voila!

Would you like to order French manicure online?

Herome has been a specialist in nail and hand care for more than 35 years. It develops all products in-house and can therefore rightly say: the products do what they promise! Do you want to buy a French manicure set in stores? They are available at drugstores, beauty salons and perfumeries.

You can also order French manicure nail polish products directly online via the webshop.