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What is a top coat

If you had to explain what exactly a top coat is, we would say: the icing on the cake of your manicure. You finish your paintwork with a top coat, it is the finishing touch, the grand finale. Is that a bit too abstract? Then it is simply the layer of clear lacquer that you apply over your nail polish, so that it is protected against peeling, chipping or damaging your nail polish. A good top coat nail polish will keep your polish in place for longer. In addition, the best top coats have another function: they provide extra shine, have a funky glitter or ensure that you...paintworkdries in no time.

Various top coats from Herome

TheProtective Top Coathas a water-repellent protective layer so that your paint lasts at least twice as long as normal. It freshens the color of your nail polish, dries within 10 seconds and is super shiny. This also makes it suitable for applying to unpainted nails for that little bit of extra fun on your nails. With the Spray On Top Coat you bring the professionalism of the nail salon into your home. Spray the top coat on your nails from about 10 centimeters away. It dries super quickly and creates a sturdy, protective layer over your paintwork. The WIC Oxy Power Top Coat is recommended for brittle nails. This does not completely close the nail plate, which means that oxygen still reaches the nail surface. In addition, it has ingredients such as silica, vitamin E and rose nutmeg oil that care for your nails. This way the condition of your nail plate remains completely intact.

This is how you use a top coat

For a perfect home manicure you have a standard numberbasic toolsnecessary. In addition to a nail polish remover, nail file, base coat and nail polish, the top coat should not be missing. After degreasing your nails with the remover and filing them into shape, first apply the base coat. Once it is dry, paint your nails once or twice with a colored polish. Once it is dust-dry, apply a thin layer of top coat. Apply the most polish especially to the nail edge, as that is the place where you are most likely to bump into. Once the paint is dry, the top coat hardens and you are...ready to go!

Want to buy a top coat? Order online at Herome

All Herome products are 100% not tested on animals. And that paint is a lot more pleasant. Order your top coat now online via the webshop.