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Hand cream from Herome

Your hands are exposed to external influences every day. Cracks, wounds, skin and skin aging are just around the corner. The basis of well-groomed, soft hands lies in hydrating and repairing the skin. And for that you need a good hand cream! Herome has been specialized in hand and nail care for 35 years and has the best hand creams for soft and well-groomed hands.

Discover hand creams against dry hands

Normally, moisture in your hands is regulated by a protective layer of sebum and fat between the horny cells of your skin. When this protective layer is damaged, moisture evaporates. This creates cracks, chapped spots and rough, dry hands that feel like sandpaper. Fortunately, you can do something about it. Herome's moisturizing hand creams protect your skin against dehydration and improve elasticity. For example, Cure For Chapped Skin is a rich hand cream containing avocado oil, Aloe vera, collagen, Panthenol and hydroprotect, to prevent moisture loss. The Cream for chapped skin stimulates wound healing and increases the resistance of your skin. Moreover, it comes in a handy pump bottle. Overnight Hand Mask is ideal to apply in the evening before going to sleep. This moisturizing hand cream has a cell-renewing effect and stimulates blood circulation and is also suitable for people with eczema. Hand Cream Sensitive has a chamomile and cucumber extract, which have a soothing and calming effect. The cream is PH neutral, perfume-, paraben- and dye-free and therefore suitable for sensitive skin.

Anti-aging hand cream for mature skin

Not your laugh lines, not your cleavage, but your hands reveal your real age. To prevent skin aging, our anti-aging hand creams contain various UV filters and an SPF, which work against the sun's radiation. These products have been specially developed for mature skin and help reduce age spots and hyperpigmentations. The 24 Hour Protective Hand Cream has a high protection factor, an SPF 15, and also leaves a fine layer that prevents dehydration. Micro Dermabrasion Anti Aging hand cream removes dead skin cells and protects against free radicals. By activating the natural cell renewal process, the skin feels smooth, fresh and young again.

Order your favorite hand cream online at Herome

Herome is the specialist in the field of hand and nail care. We conduct thorough research and deliver what we promise. You can buy our hand creams at drugstores, perfumeries and beauty salons. You can also order your favorite hand cream directly from us via the webshop.