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Highlighter makeup from Herome

'Oh, you're absolutely radiant.'Nothing is more beautiful than an open, happy and healthy look. Because he who shines can take on the whole world. With a beautiful highlighter you lift your gaze, as it were, and your face gets an open appearance. The gloss pencil, or the eyebrow highlighter makeup from Herome, mainly accentuates your eyes and eyebrows and makes your viewers look even bigger than they are. Because if you apply a make-up highlighter in the right places, it gives your face an instant optical lift. Your cheekbones appear higher, your jaw appears tighter and your nose, your forehead or your entire face appears narrower. This process of highlighting is also called contouring.

Various highlighters from Herome

Herome highlighters have a special cream-like texture, which allows them to capture the light for an open look. Apply the Highlighter Silk Sahara or the Highlighter Sundew with a brush, your fingers or directly with the pencil under the edge of the highest point of your eyebrow, exactly on your eyebrow arch. Fifteen years won't matter, but ten? Try it!

How do you use a highlighter?

Aftershapingof your eyebrows with tweezers, it's time to put them on. With an eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil you can draw them exactly the way you want them. Then apply the highlighter under your eyebrow arch, under your outer lash line and a little in the corner of your eye. Because the light shines there, your eyes appear bigger and brighter. To keep the hairs in place all day, use an eyebrow gel to finish.

Want to buy a highlighter? Order online at Herome

Herome supplies only the best eyebrow highlighter. Because with 35 years of experience as a cosmetic brand, it guarantees that all products do what they promise. In addition, all products are vegan and not tested on animals. Do you want to buy a highlighter online? Order now via the webshop.