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Cuticle care

Within reach: smooth and healthy cuticles for everyone.

Taking care of your cuticles is just as important as good hand and nail care. With the various cuticle care products from Herome you can hydrate, soothe and nourish the cuticle. This way you will never have damaged or inflamed cuticles again. Therefore choose the best cuticle care!

Discover the cuticle care products from Herome

The cuticles are sometimes forgotten. Not smart, because good care of your cuticles is essential for healthy nail growth. Whether you have irritated or torn cuticles: at Herome you will always find the best cuticle care products.
And our advice: put the cuticle care products in a handy place - for example on your bedside table, so that you don't forget to give your cuticles some extra attention.

From oils to creams: this is how you care for your cuticles

The solution for torn or irritated cuticles: a cuticle cream with vitamin F, Aloe Vera and Bisabolol. This rich composition of ingredients promotes wound healing and prevents annoying skins or cracks. With a cuticle pen you can easily apply the restorative avocado and almond oil to the cuticles. You can then carefully push the cuticle back with the cuticle pusher. This way you ensure that cuticles do not tear. And handy: can also be used for your toenails.

With flexible cuticles you reduce the risk of cracks. This is important, because cracks often become wounds that can become infected. Therefore, choose a nourishing cuticle oil and apply it to the nails and cuticles daily. Or apply a cuticle serum before going to sleep, so you wake up with hydrated cuticles. Do you want supple cuticles within one minute? With a cuticle peel you loosen stuck cuticles and gently remove loose skin. This way you will have clean and elastic cuticles in no time.

And for the nail biters there is Bye Bite: a special polish with a bitter taste that ensures that you leave your nails and cuticles alone.

Shop your favorite cuticle care products online

Herome's animal-free cuticle care products belong in every hand and nail care routine. And importantly: the products really do what they promise. Order your favorite cuticle care products easily and quickly via the online shop. You can also buy care products for your nails and hands at Herome.

Consider: a moisturizing gel for dry nails or a nourishing oil that repairs the nail from within. Try it yourself and be amazed by the results.