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Nail oil from Herome

Cracks, break off, chip or split. Hard and brittle nails all have one thing in common: they are dried out. For example, by using cleaning products or aggressive substances in nail polish remover. But also due to dry and cold weather or the use of artificial nails. Dry and brittle nails are often accompanied by torn cuticles, skin and wounds. To improve your nails towards healthy, long and strong, they benefit greatly from nutrition and hydration through a nourishing nail oil. This special oil for your nails penetrates under the cuticle to the root and can thus hydrate and repair from within. This immediately stimulates the growth of your nails.

Different nail oil

Herome has various types of nourishing nail oil. The Concentrated Nail Bath Oil is a restorative nail oil that makes cuticles soft and supple and helps nails grow faster and stronger. Add some of the nail oil to a bowl of warm water. If you have extra dry nails, add 3 pipettes. For nails in a dry condition add 2 pipettes and for a normal nail condition add 1 pipette. Immerse your nails for between 5 and 10 minutes and then gently dry them with a cloth. Let the oil soak in thoroughly and degrease them with a nourishing nail polish remover before painting them. Apply the Nourishing Nail Oil to unpainted nails just before going to bed. Then massage it lightly so that the nail oil is optimally absorbed. Nails that break easily benefit even more from using a nail hardener.

Order nail oil easily online

Herome has been a specialist in the field of hand and nail care for almost 40 years. The products are developed in-house and do what they promise. This means that Herome has the best nail oil for healthy and strong nails. You can also go there for cuticle care, the best hand creams and there is an extensive nail polish collection with more than 200 trend colors. Do you want to buy nail oil or other products online? Then order quickly via the webshop.