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Hand disinfection in a jiffy

There are approximately one million bacteria in one square meter of skin. You take them from places where other people, just like you, touch them. From poles in public transport, the handrail of the escalator, the button on the coffee machine in the office. But your smartphone and keyboard are also a source of dirt. Anyone who does not keep their hands clean has a high chance of ingesting pathogens. That is why good hand hygiene through hand disinfection is very important.

Disinfectant hand gels

You can rinse bacteria and viruses from your hands with soap and water, but that is a lot more difficult on the road. That is why a disinfectant hand gel or hand spray is a solution. For holidays (the small bottles are allowed through customs), after using public transport or as a bonus during a flu epidemic.

Herome hand gel is NEN certified, which means that it has been proven to kill organisms, bacteria, viruses and fungi. This means it can be called a biocide. If you clean your hands with the Direct Desinfect, you ensure a hand disinfection of 99%. The big advantage is that it also has a caring effect due to the addition of Glycerine and Betaine.

Various disinfectant sprays and gels

Herome disinfectants can be used in different ways. There is a disinfectant spray to clean surfaces, such as the toilet doorknob, the stair railing, but also your countertop and car steering wheel. A virus can survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours, so in times of a flu wave, such extra cleaning is not an unnecessary luxury. The disinfectant hand gel dispenser is ideal for places where many people gather, such as offices, schools, canteens or toilet blocks. You hang it in a fixed place and use the handy operating bracket to push the dispenser down with your elbow. This means that this place does not become a source of contamination. The disinfectant hand gel with handy pump is easy to use at home, next to the toilet, or on your desk at the office.

Order your disinfectant hand gel online

Herome Cosmetics has been one of the specialists in the field of hand and nail care for 35 years. The principle of thorough research and delivering on what you promise with your products makes it, among other things, the best disinfectant hand gel. This makes the products a favorite in drugstores, shops and beauty salons at home and abroad. Would you like to order a disinfectant hand gel? Or do you want to buy disinfectant hand gel in the store? Then click here