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What is a base coat?

The perfect manicure has a number of basic tools and one of the most important is the base coat nail polish. But what actually is a base coat? A base coat is the layer of clear polish that you apply before you paint your nails with color. A base coat works as a primer for your nails, in other words: a kind of primer, before you start the real work. This polish is mainly there to protect your nail plate. The pigments in nail polish can discolour your nail. A base coat places a layer over your nail, preventing discoloration. In addition, your nail polish adheres better to this layer, so your nail polish lasts longer.

Base coats from Herome

A good base coat nail polish has several functions. Not only do Herome base coats protect it against discoloration, but they help the nail polish adhere better. For example, our Ridge Filling Base Coat also ensures that the ridges on your nail plate are evened out. Your nails become smooth, even and get an extra shine. The Oxy Power Base Coat is an oxygen-permeable base coat based on nanotechnology, which ensures that the nail plate is closed off from color pigments, but not from oxygen. The ingredients silica, vitamin E and muscat rose oil care for your nail plate from within. So your nails do not become brittle, but remain in top condition. This base coat can also be used as a decorative varnish, because it shines so nicely. Take a good look at which base coat nail polish best suits your nail condition.

How does a base coat work?

Before you paint your nails, it is always important to clean your nails and then degrease them with a remover. This way the polish adheres best to your clean and grease-free nail plate. It is better to apply two thin layers of base coat than one thick one. A thin layer dries faster and also ensures that your nail polish color dries better. Once the base coat is dry, apply a colored lacquer and then finish with a top coat. If you want to paint your nails again, remove all layers with a remover. Your nails are not discolored or damaged and have returned to their natural condition. And that's how a base coat nail polish works!

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All base coat nail polish and other Herome products are not tested on animals and vegan. And that's a bonus. Order and buy your base coat nail polish now in the webshop.