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Eyebrow pencils from Herome

In the 1970s, the thin eyebrow in particular was a beauty ideal. We now want full eyebrows en masse and preferably as tight (on fleek) as possible. It seems a shame for those who are not blessed with a full head of hair, but then you don't know the power of makeup yet. One of the basic tools in your makeup bag is a good eyebrow pencil, which does wonders for the appearance of your face. With a good eyebrow pencil you create volume where you want it and draw clean lines to shape the hairs. Are you unsure of which eyebrow shape best suits your face? Then use Brow stencils. Place this over your eyebrow, all you have to do is color it in.

Different colors of eyebrow pencils from Herome

The biggest pitfall of eyebrow pencils is choosing the wrong color. Dark colors on light skin give you a harsh look. But light colors on dark skin have very little effect. It is obvious, but for the most natural effect, choose a color that is closest to your own hair color. That's the best eyebrow pencil for you. Herome has various eyebrow pencils that match different hair colors: blond eyebrow pencil, brown eyebrow pencil, black eyebrow pencil and taupe eyebrow pencil.

How do you use an eyebrow pencil?

First make sure your eyebrows are clean and dry. Pencils tend to smear or fade over foundation, so try applying your foundation after shaping your brows. Pluck hairs that get in the way with tweezers. Sharpen the tip of the pencil as sharply as possible with a pencil sharpener to be able to draw the thinnest hairs. Place the eyebrow pencil where you want extra volume and draw short strokes upwards in the direction of the hairs. Also do this if you want to make your brows a little longer. Are you happy with the shape? Now finish it off with an eyebrow gel, so that no more hair can escape.

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