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Eyebrow gels from Herome

Eyebrowson fleek is pretty much the motto of the 21st century. Now dare to arrive with eyebrows that are not brushed, plucked or shaped. The eyebrow is the focal point in your face and largely determines your gaze. For a well-groomed first impression, a sleek eyebrow is therefore inevitable. It is not without reason that a good eyebrow gel is one of the basicstoolsin your make-up bag. Because in addition to your tweezers, eyebrow pencil and highlighter, an eyebrow gel or eyebrow mascara – as it is also called – is a must for tight eyebrows.brows.

How do you use eyebrow gel?

An eyebrow gel is super easy to use. The packaging looks exactly like mascara, which is why eyebrow gel is also called eyebrow mascara. You shape your eyebrows by brushing the hairs with the short side first. That provides more volume. You can separate the hairs with the long side, so that you can give each hair a precise spot. Do you find it difficult to determine the right eyebrow shape for your face? Then let the Brow Stencils help you. You place these stencils on your eyebrow, after which you draw them in with an eyebrow pencil. You top it off with eyebrow gel to keep your eyebrows in shape all day long.

Various eyebrow gels from Herome

Herome eyebrow gels have different colors that match every hair color. There is eyebrow gel Blond eyebrow gel Red (red), eyebrow gel Brown (brown) and eyebrow gel Dark Brown (dark brown). The gel is enriched with D-Panthenol that strengthens the hair and provides more volume. Transparent eyebrow gel is transparent and has two strengths. The Brow Gel Clear fixes the hairs medium, the Brow Gel Professional is super strong. Not a single hair will shift anymore. And by the shinyfinishseem to youbrowshealthier and fuller than ever.

Want to buy eyebrow gel? Order online at Herome

Herome has been developing its own products in-house for more than 40 years. It is not without reason that we can say that we have developed the best eyebrow gel with our knowledge. Do you want to buy this eyebrow gel? Order now via the webshop.