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The best nail file

We all want healthy, strong and long nails. To achieve that, start with the basics. You would think that it is best to cut your nails into shape, but did you know that this will only make them tear? Cutting your nails puts pressure on your nail plates, causing them to open. This way, moisture and dirt can easily get in between, causing your nails to chip, crack or peel more quickly. That is why a nail file is part of the standard equipment of a manicurist to file your nails. With a nail file from Herome you not only remove dirt from under the nail edges, you also get your nails into shape. In addition, you prevent hooks, splitting and tearing nails. In short: for well-groomed nails, a good nail file is a must.

The best nail file for healthy nails

The Herome Glass Nail File is a glass nail file that has been specially developed for filing and sealing the nail plates. The file prevents the 'sawing' movement that causes damage to the nail plates when filing the nails. By using the wear-resistant glass nail file you close the nail plate completely, so that no hooks or cracks occur and the nail can grow strong and sturdy. And that makes it the best nail file for every nail type. So also for dry, brittle and split nails. The big advantage is that you can take this nail file with you in your hand luggage when you go through customs. The fine structure files away the smallest imperfections while filing your nails. And what's really nice: after use, it can go straight into the dishwasher.

And did you know that you can also use the glass file as a callus file for the bottom of your feet? All so handy. The 4-Way Perfect Nail File serves different layers of the nail plate. It has four different textures: coarse, medium, fine and extra fine. The white side is the coarse side, which files the nails into shape. The pink side is the fine side that eliminates hooks.

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Herome has been a specialist in the field of hand and nail care for more than 35 years. Order your favorite nail products, such as your glass nail file or coarse nail files, directly via the online shop.