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Nail care from Herome

Healthy, strong nails in an instant.

With Herome's rich nail care products you create indoorsno timebeautiful nails that steal the show. Choose your favorite care products from the wide collection of nail care, suitable for the personal condition of your nail. This way you can easily achieve the desired result yourself.

Nourishing and restorative nail products

Give your nails the care they need. With the various nail care products from Herome, there is always a product that suits you. Your hands and nails have to endure a lot every day. Therefore, give them extra attention with nourishing and restorative nail products. The result: strong and healthy nails. And don't forget to take care of the cuticles. With the intensive cuticle cream and cuticle oil you hydrate, soothe and nourish the cuticles.

The right solution and product for every nail problem

Whether you have brittle, dry or torn nails, Herome has the solution for every nail problem. There are nail hardeners for strong nails, a moisturizing gel that prevents the nails from drying out and the glass nail file that prevents hooks on the nails. Or go for one of the Nail Essentials Sets, a recovery treatment for creating strong nails that can withstand a blow. Still a torn nail? With the SOS Nail Repair you can easily and quickly repair torn nails.

The various nail oils with nourishing vitamins and minerals keep your nails and cuticles supple and repair the nail from within. Also suitable for extremely damaged nails after removing artificial nails. Are your nails barely growing? With the serum rich in silicon you hydrate the nail and stimulate healthy nail growth. And for the nail biters, there is the polish with a bitter taste, so that you leave your nails and cuticles alone.

Put your nails in the protective nail polish

Herome's strengthening and protecting nail polishes not only help prevent cracks, but also give the nail a beautiful color such as salmon pink, mother of pearl and glitter. Or choose a polish that accentuates the pink color of the nail and whitens the nail edge. With theanti-agingWith polish you arm yourself against nail aging. Has the color of your nail polish become dull? Bring it back to life with the Color Revival.

Herome also has everything for the perfect French manicure; a liner or pencil for that white crescent, DIY kits in different colors and stencils to help create sleek, white nail edges. Finish your nails with a protective top coat - also in a handy spray bottle - for a long-lasting effect. Use the quick-drying spray and your paint will be dry within one minute. With the remover pen you can easily correct small flaws in painted nails. Remove the polish with the nourishing remover that does not dry out the nails.

Shop your favorite nail care products online

Herome's animal-free nail care products do what they promise. Try it yourself and be amazed by the results. You can also buy care products for your hands and feet and eye make-up at Herome. Order your favorite nail care easily and quickly via the online shop. Beautiful hands and nails are possible for everyone.