Gele nagels? Nagelverzorgingsspecialist Herome helpt je er vanaf.

Yellow nails? Nail Care Specialist Herome will help you get rid of it.

Yoana Gaydova

With beautifully cared for nails, we have a picture in our heads that the edges are bright white, the cuticles are without skins and the nail bed is a fresh pink color. But what if your nails suddenly turn yellow? Where does this come from? And more importantly: how do you get rid of it as quickly as possible?

This is how you get yellow nails

There are several reasons why your nails can turn yellow. One of the reasons is that you smoke. Nicotine and tar get near your nails and cause discoloration. People with deteriorated lung function are also more likely to have yellow nails, but it is not exactly clear why this happens. Are you not a smoker? Then read the other causes of yellow nails.

Yellow nails due to nail polish

If you don't smoke, it is more likely that your nails will turn yellow due to the color pigment in the nail polish you use. If the chemicals in the paint come into contact with the body's own keratin, a reaction can occur - it can oxidize. This is especially common with dark colors than with light colors. A nail polish remover containing acetone can make this process worse, so stay away from it. It is better to use an acetone-free nail polish remover, such as the Caring Nail Polish Remover with lanolin, which prevents dehydration and gives your nails a nice shine.

Yellow nails due to a disease

Another cause of yellow nails can be due to a disorder in the thyroid gland, a fungus or another disease. The color of your nails says a lot about your health. Do you regularly suffer from yellow nails without smoking or using nail polish? Please contact your GP.

Preventing yellow nails

If you have yellow nails, you want to make them white again as quickly as possible. Our products can help with this. For example, you can use a base coat. This way, the color pigments from the nail polish that you apply over it cannot penetrate into your nails. A base coat places a transparent layer over your nails, as it were, and thus seals the nail plates. By using a base coat, your nail polish will adhere better and the polish will last longer. So a win-win situation. The Herome Ridge Filling Base Coat fills imperfections in your nail plate, such as ridges and dents. This makes the nail smoother, keeping the surface even. The result: healthy and fresh-looking nails. It can also help to quit smoking if you do this daily!

Camouflage yellow nails

Sometimes you don't have time for fuss, so you just want the problem to be solved immediately. This is possible with the Herome Super Shine. Often only the top part of your nail is discolored yellow: the Super Shine is a polishing file that removes dead skin cells and yellow discolorations from the nail plate. You can easily file away the yellow discolored particles and immediately create a shiny nail plate. Just don't use this trick too often, otherwise you will thin out your nails. Another option is to go over it with the Natural Nail Whitener  . This clear polish accentuates the natural pink color of the nail and also makes the nail edges appear whiter. C'est tout!

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