3 tips voor de perfecte French Manicure

3 tips for the perfect French Manicure

Yoana Gaydova

The perfect French manicure has been known for years as a timeless and elegant style. It gives your hands a refined and well-groomed look, which contributes to the enormous popularity of this look. The great thing is that you don't have to leave the house for a beautiful French manicure; you can easily apply this classic at home with Herome!

This blog shares 3 valuable tips with which you can apply the perfect French manicure yourself in a simple and efficient way. With this step-by-step guide and practical advice, it will be a piece of cake to create this chic look yourself.

What is a French manicure?

Before we jump straight into our 3 tips for a perfect French manicure, it might be useful to start with what it is.

A French manicure is a specific style of nail care that emphasizes the natural appearance of the nails. Characteristic of this style is the white nail tip in combination with a nude or pink colored base. However, we also like a colored version of the French manicure, so don't be afraid to experiment.

This look gives a neat, neat and elegant appearance and is popular for both everyday use and special occasions.

Now that you know what a French manicure is, it's time for our 3 French manicure tips.

Tip 1: This is how you create the perfect white border!

There are different ways to apply the white nail edge.For example, use the Manicure Stift, or 'French Liner' from Herome:

How does the French Liner work?

Press the bottom button a few times and the white liquid will come to the top. The pointed tip allows you to draw a line very precisely. Follow the curve of your nail for a natural effect and the perfect half moons as we are used to from the French manicure.

Don't have a steady hand? We've got you! Stick the Nail Stencils just below your nail edge. Then go over your nail edge with the special white polish from Herome. Also go over the stencil a little bit so that you grab the entire nail edge well.

For full coverage, apply two coats of the same white polish. Voila, you have beautiful white nail edges! The perfect start for applying the French manicure yourself.

Tip 2: Choose a natural color

Do you want to accentuate the color of your nail bed? Or do you want a subtle shiny look? Then use one of Herome's natural nail polish colors.You can choose from the colors: pink, salmon, glitter or pearl .

In addition to a radiant color, this nail polish also strengthens your nails. This prevents them from becoming weak or tearing. As a second step, apply the nail polish over the entire nail, including the white nail edge.


Tip 3: Enjoy longer with a top coat

After you have applied the perfect French manicure yourself, you naturally want to enjoy it for as long as possible. Therefore, always use atop coat. This nail polish protects the nails against scratches, dents and other minor damage. This way your nails will continue to shine!

Click on the image below and view all our French Manicure sets, so you can easily perform all three steps in one go!

French manicure with a twist

We can no longer ignore this trend; the French manicure with a colorful twist. From blue to orange: everything is possible and everything is allowed.

When applying this so-called 'micro' French manicure, replace the white nail edge with a striking color.Don't like this? Then you can also go for a subtle nude shade. Apply the French manicure that suits you!

Looking for a beautiful nail polish color? With more than 200 colors, Herome always has the perfect nail polish color for you. View our wide range on the webshop.

Tips and advice on nail care

Are you inspired? Take a look at our tips for easy nail art and other fun nail polish ideas. Do you have questions about emerging nail polish trends? Or would you like to know more about caring for your nails? We have listed all the useful nail polish tips & tricksfor your perfect manicure.

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