Droge nagels herstellen in drie simpele stappen!

Repair dry nails in three simple steps!

Yoana Gaydova

Do you suffer from dry nails? Do your nails look dull and ribbed? Dried out nails are a common nail problem and one you want to avoid. Unfortunately, sometimes you cannot avoid it and then the only question remains: how can you repair dry nails? Fortunately, this is easy to solve in just three steps!

In addition, we will first tell you what causes dry nails with ridges, so that you can prevent this nail problem in the future. The right nail care for dry nails nails and dents in nails has never been easier with these three simple steps.

Herome - The cause of dry nails

The cause of dry nails

Dry nails are often caused by the nail plate absorbing moisture and not being dried properly. For example, because you spend a lot of time with your hands in the water due to housework or work. To save you from the next dry nail, we have listed the most common causes of dry nails.

  1. Too much exposure to water

    Frequent contact with water (especially hot water) can dry out the nails. The water can strip the natural oils and moisture from the nails, making them brittle and dry. That is why it is always wise to use a moisturizing hand cream to use after washing your hands.

  2. Use of aggressive cleaning agents

    Handling harsh cleaning products without wearing gloves can be harmful to your nails. The chemicals in these cleaning products can dry out and damage your nails.

  3. Frequent use of nail polish and nail polish remover

    Frequently applying nail polish and using nail polish remover with acetone can lead to dried out nails. The chemicals in nail polish and acetone can damage the natural oils of the nails. Can't stop using nail polish? Then is oxygen-permeable nail polish might be a good option to investigate.

  4. Insufficient hydration

    Another cause of a dry nail is not drinking enough water. If your nails are not moisturized from within, they can easily dry out. A healthy diet with adequate fluid intake can help nourish your nails from within.

  5. Nail biting or cuticle picking

    Habits such as nail biting or picking cuticles can damage the nails and dry them out. This behavior can damage the protective layer of the nails.

Repair your dry nails with these 3 steps

Now that you know how to deal with your dry nails have come and can avoid this nail problem in the future, it is high time to reveal our secrets. Here are 3 simple steps to keep your dry to restore nails:

Step 1: No nail hardener, but nourishing nail oil

If you suffer from dry nails with ridges, it is better to put the nail hardener away. Dry nails contain too little moisture and therefore need to be hydrated. Our Nourishing Nail Oil is perfect for hydrating your dry nails. This nail oil is enriched with almond and lemon oil to restore, nourish and care for dry nails.

How do you use a nourishing nail oil?

Apply the Nourishing Nail Oil to the unpainted nails before going to bed. While applying, you should massage the oil nicely onto the nails and cuticles so that it is completely absorbed. The nail oil, in combination with massaging it in, stimulates nail growth and in no time your nails will be healthy and flexible again!

Watch the video below in which our Herome nail experts show how to use Herome's nourishing nail oil.

Step 2: Level the nail plate

Do you suffer from imperfections on your nails? For example, dull spots on the nail surface? This often occurs in combination with slightly or severely dried out nails. To solve this, we have the Super Shine Nail File develops. This nail file levels the nail plate and polishes away annoying imperfections on the nail.

Nail file on nails for natural shine

How do you use the Super Shine Nail File?

You can remove these imperfections with the blue side of the file. Please note that this step should only be performed once a month.

Why? If you use the nail file too often, the nail plate can become too thin. To give the dry nail a beautiful shine, use the white side of the file. The nail file also stimulates the blood circulation in the nails and good blood circulation ensures healthy growth of the nails! Your nails will look radiant in no time!

Watch the video below to see exactly how to use the Super Shine file for optimal results.

Step 3: Fill the nail ridges

Dry nails regularly cause ridges to form on the nail plate. To perfectly level these ridges, we recommend our Ridge Filling Base Coat to use. The polish fills the ridges perfectly and ensures an even nail plate. This way, that new nail polish color will look even more beautiful!

In addition, this filling nail polish also ensures that the dyes from color lacquers do not penetrate the nails, preventing yellow nails. First use the Super Shine Nail File The nail plate becomes even more even for the beautiful application of our Ridge Filling Base Coat !

Watch the video above to see exactly how to apply the Ridge Filling Base Coat.

Essential nail set for dry nails

Do you want to try all of these products? Then take a look at our special one Essential Nail Set . This set contains all three products mentioned in the steps, so that you will soon have hydrated, strong and radiant nails again.

Nail Essentials Set Dry and Ribbed Nails

Hopefully these 3 simple steps have helped your dry nails recover. Don't forget to take a look at our YouTube Channel, Instagram and Facebook for more tips and advice to give your nails the best care!

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