Dé oplossing voor pijnlijke kloven

The solution for painful cracks

Yoana Gaydova

Cracks are most common on hands, fingers and feet. They are small cracks that occur when very dry skin starts to crack. They can develop into bleeding wounds.

Cause of cracks:

• Especially in winter, cracks are caused by dry air inside and outside the home. The air becomes drier indoors due to the heating.
• Your skin can also dry out due to contact with water or cleaning agents, for example when washing dishes.
• If your skin is exposed to extra pressure and friction, calluses will form on the areas that experience the most pressure. This local thickening is very dry and therefore often leads to cracks.
• Especially people with a predisposition to hand eczema or people with psoriasis are sensitive to fissures.

This is how you treat and prevent cracks

Do you want to soften and remove cracks that have developed? Then care for them with a soothing and nourishing cream that makes the skin soft and supple again. Choose your suitable cream below.

Use preferably Intensity
Herome Cure for Chapped Skin On hands and/or feet at night ★★★
Herome Cream for Chapped Skin Hands on during the day ★★☆
Herome Chapped Skin Foot Cream On feet during the day ★★☆

People with cracks on their fingers who also do a lot of work with their hands know that cracks heal very slowly. The problem with cracks on the finger is that they hardly get a chance to heal: one movement with the finger can be enough to make the crack open again. The Herome Cure for Chapped Skin is a rich intensive cream that allows your hands to recover overnight.

NB :

Do not use creams with mineral oils such as paraffinum and Vaseline. These close the pores by placing a layer on your skin. Over time, your skin will dry out even more.

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