Het verschil tussen Gelnagels en Acrylnagels

The difference between Gel Nails and Acrylic Nails

Yoana Gaydova

OnInstagramandPinterestyou regularly visit the most beautiful pictures of women with beautiful long gel nails or acrylic nails. These nails are beautifully painted and you see the most creative creations. You might wonder if these nails are real or fake? Not everyone has much luck with their own nails. A solution for this is gel nails or acrylic nails, but what exactly is the difference between gel and acrylic nails? What are its disadvantages? And how do you care for your nails after removing fake nails? We will answer all these questions for you!

Acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are the most common form of artificial nails. When applying an acrylic nail, the salon uses acrylic powder and liquid. First, a plastic fake nail is glued to the nail and then a ball is made from the acrylic powder and liquid. This ball is applied to the entire nail with a brush. The acrylic layer then hardens, making the nails thicker and the plastic fake nail no longer visible. If you get your nails done at a professional salon, you won't see any difference between an acrylic nail and a real nail.

Acrylic nails often look very beautiful and are ideal for nail art. However, there are a few disadvantages associated with these nails.

Disadvantages of acrylic nails

The smallest impact can cause a break in the artificial nail. This also damages the natural nail, since the acrylic nail is bonded to your nail bed. It has also been found that artificial nails are a breeding ground for bacteria. The microorganisms settle between the small space of the fake nail and the natural nail. This cannot be seen with the naked eye and therefore impossible to keep really clean. Also be careful if you have sensitive skin, because an allergic reaction can easily occur while applying the acrylic powder and liquid.

Gel nails

The biggest difference between gel and acrylic nails is that different substances are used, which means that applying the artificial nails takes a little longer than with acrylic nails. With gel nails a UV lamp is used to dry the different layers. These layers are applied with polymer or resin. To remove the gel nails you have to go back to the salon: don't do this at home! The gel nails must be removed professionally by filing or soaking with chemicals. This often causes mild to serious damage to the natural nail. The damage makes your nail thinner, more fragile and more vulnerable to external influences.

The biggest differences

In short, the biggest differences between acrylic nails and gel nails are:

  • The chemicals used
  • The method of drying
  • The flexibility/fragility of the artificial nails
  • The appearance of the nail (gel nails shine more compared to acrylic)

And what about gel polish?

Then we have the gel polish. The difference between a gel polish and nail polish is quite big. Gel polish is hardened with a UV lamp while nail polish itself dries. Do not remove gel polish yourself. This can seriously damage your nail. After using gel polish, your nails are often brittle, vulnerable and damaged. This type of polish deprives the natural nails of oxygen. Therefore, always take a break between wearing gel polish and give your nails extra care in the meantime.

Repair nails after artificial nails or gel polish

Herome does not advise against the use of acrylic or gel polish, but does advocate healthy nails. Taking regular breaks so that the nails can recover is therefore very important. With the right nutrition and care, the nails can recover quickly. Herome has developed a set especially for this purpose: theNailEssential Setfor very damaged nails. In just 3 steps your nails will be beautiful and healthy again.


Step 1. Nourish the nails

The Nourishing Nail Oil from Herome contains a unique vitamin complex and essential oils to restore the natural balance of your nails. Apply one drop to each nail for 7 days. Massage this oil with your fingers. Also take the cuticles with you, as they also play an important role for healthy nails.

Step 2. Strengthen your nails

Your nails are thin and often sensitive after removing artificial nails. That is why we always recommend strengthening your nails with a nail hardener when you have finished the 7-day oil treatment.

Step 3. Cuticle care

Cuticles often tear or are pushed back too far, which can damage them. So give your cuticles extra love with the Wonderpen. Treat your nails with this and within 7 days your cuticles will be cared for and wound-free again.

Also see our blog about the recovery of nails after artificial nails.

Tips and advice for beautiful nails

Do you want beautiful nails but no longer want to damage your nails? It is very easy to take good care of your own nails and make them beautiful.Looking for inspiration? Then also check outour tips for easy nail art and other fun nail polish ideas.

Personal advice?

You can also ask us a question via one of our social media channels such as Instagram or Facebook .We are happy to provide you with personal advice!

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