De minder mooie kant van kunstnagels: schoonheid heeft zijn prijs

The less beautiful side of artificial nails: beauty has its price

Who doesn't dream of a beautiful and long-lasting manicure, without putting too much effort into it? Gel or acrylic nails seems like this at first glance the perfect solution, but beauty always comes with a price…

There is a hidden world of potential risks with artificial nails that certainly deserve our attention. In this article, we're going to explore the dark side of false nails and discuss potential problems associated with them.

Artificial nails damage natural nails

Although artificial nails offer us the opportunity to shine with perfect and Instagram-worthy nails, it is important to consider the possible impact on keeping your natural nails in mind. Applying and removing artificial nails can weaken the nail beds . This can make your own nails brittle, thin and prone to breakage. It is therefore essential to realize that your natural nails also need some breathing space to recover.

Nail tip! After removing artificial nails, use a nail oil to prevent dry, weak or extremely damaged nails:


Risk of infections

With great beauty comes great responsibility and artificial nails are certainly no exception. For example, when moisture gets trapped between the artificial nails and your natural nails, it creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi .

Risks of nasty infections such as nail fungus and bacterial infections from nail beds are therefore considerably larger. That is why it is important to practice good hygiene and care when it comes to your hands. You can already do this by, for example, immediately using a disinfectant hand gel.


Allergic reactions to artificial nails

Achieving beauty is not always easy. Artificial nails can also cause an allergic reaction in some people. Artificial nail glues, primers, and other chemicals used during the application process can all cause allergic reactions. Itchy, swollen, and irritated cuticles can be the price you pay for that perfect (and quick) manicure. Ouch!

Costs and maintenance

And in addition, artificial nails demand more than just your health. Maintaining it also requires regular visits to the beauty salon, which takes both time and money. The costs for touching up, repairing and removing artificial nails can be quite expensive.

Potential risks of LED/UV lamps

The appeal of perfectly hardened gel or acrylic nails also comes with exposing our hands to LED/UV lamps. Recent research has revealed risks of LED/UV lamps, including the development of skin cancer. Although the risks have not yet been fully identified, it is important to take a precaution and consider alternative curing methods that protect the skin well.

Nail wraps, the safe alternative

In the search for beautiful nails without the associated risks, the Nail wraps are quickly emerging as a safe and trendy alternative to artificial nails. These thin self-adhesive stickers can be applied directly to the natural nails. There are also a lot of designs and patterns to choose from!

Unlike traditional artificial nails, nail wraps do not require harsh chemicals or intensive filing. This minimizes all risks and potential damage to your natural nails. These nail wraps are also easy to remove without soaking or drilling, allowing you to effortlessly change your nail look. Embracing nail wraps offers you a stylish and hassle-free way to express your creativity while keeping your natural nails healthy and happy. Win-win!

Nail wraps from Herome

Hopefully you have now become a little wiser about the potential risks of artificial nails. By staying informed and maintaining proper nail care, you will find the balance between beauty and well-being.

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