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<tc>Exit Damaged Nails</tc>

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Restore your extremely damaged nails fast! Whether the damage is from artificial nails, medication use or pregnancy, with Exit Damaged Nails you will regain the natural strength and beauty of your nails.
The revolutionary serum is the solution for deep recovery and unparalleled results.

    Active Ingredients

    The serum contains an abundance of nourishing, restorative and protective ingredients, including:

    Almond oilandantioxidant-rich soybean oilmoisturize and protect your nails.Orange oil extractt revitalizes while protectivevitamin Eandvitamin Cstrengthen and shine your nails. Calmingprovitamin B5softens the skin around the nails, and rejuvenatingvitamin Ayou have a strong anti-aging result. Add the nourishingsunflower extractand you have a formula that will quickly make your nails healthy, strong and radiant again.

    How it works

    Results within 1 week!

    Preparation:Make sure your nails are clean and unpainted for optimal absorption of the serum.

    Application:Drip a small amount of Exit Damaged Nails serum on each nail daily.

    Massage:Rub the serum gently with your fingers so that it can penetrate deeply into the nail.

    Repeat these steps for 7 days at a timevery effective recovery treatment. By repeating the treatment a few times a year, you maintain the strength and health of your nails!

    TIP:For best results, apply the serum just before going to bed. When the body is at rest it has a higher absorption capacity and can do its restorative work undisturbed without interruptions such as washing hands

    We recommend not using nail polish during the treatment. If you want to do this, make sure you degrease the nails first so that the nail polish adheres better.

    Motivation Booster

    Setsthe Exit Damaged Nails serumin a place where you often come to relax, such as your coffee table or next to your remote control or of course on your bedside table! This is how you are reminded of your goal every evening:restored, healthy nails.

    Where when

    During relaxation:Bringthe serumon during your favorite TV show or movie. This is the perfect time to pamper your nails with a massage, which provides ultimate self-care and relaxation.

    Make it a habit:Use the serum in a treatment form, for example every three months, to keep your nails structuralto restore and strengthen.

    Additional tip:Organize a spa day at home every now and then. This is not only good for your nails, but also for your overall well-being. It's not just about the product, but also about the moment for yourself.

    &lt;tc&gt;Exit Damaged Nails&lt;/tc&gt;
    &lt;tc&gt;Exit Damaged Nails&lt;/tc&gt;
    &lt;tc&gt;Exit Damaged Nails&lt;/tc&gt;
    &lt;tc&gt;Exit Damaged Nails&lt;/tc&gt;

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Maydana C. (The Hague, NL)
    Ik gebruik het pas een week, resultaat nog niet te merken


    Yvonne B. (IJsselstein, NL)
    Goed product

    Fijn spul, werkt direct. De nagel hecht zich weer aan het nagelbed.

    Ilse J. (Leiden, NL)
    geribbelde nagels

    Ik heb alle producten gekocht om de conditie/het uiterlijk van mijn lelijke geribbelde nagels gekocht en toegepast. Het resultaat valt erg tegen. Geen verbetering te zien.