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Nail Hardener Strong

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Transform your nails from brittle and weak to unbreakable andstrong with Herome's Nail Hardener Strong.

The unique formulation prevents tearingand is proven effective.

Do you have extremely weak nails? Then use the Nail Hardener Extra Strong.

    Active Ingredients

    Provitamin B5:penetrates deep into the nail and provides intensive carehydrationreducing dryness and roughness.

    Vitamin C&E:are a dynamic duo ofantioxidants. They revitalize your nails, give them a youthful glow and help them stay strong and healthy.

    Celery seed extract: A natural miracle product that makes your nails shine. It nourishes and conditions, making your nails look and feel stronger and younger.

    How it works

    Use theHerome Nail Hardener Strong4 times a year as a treatment for structural improvement of the nails. Result: alwayshealthy, strongnails.

    Day 1:Apply one coat of nail hardener.

    Day 2:Repeat and apply a second layerNail Hardener StrongOn.

    Day 3:Remove the layers with theHerome Caring Nail Polish Removerand apply a new layer of nail hardener.

    Day 4:Apply a second coatNail Hardeneron, etc.

    Motivation Booster

    Sometimes it is difficult to maintain a treatment, we have tips:

    Where:Place it next to your vitamin pills, on your bedside table or near your TV corner. This way you won't forget and you can take care of your nails during your relaxing moment.

    Visible Results:Take before and after photos of your nails at the beginning and end of each 30-day treatment. Share your results on social media with #Heromecosmetics and show your friends the change!

    Memories:Set a daily reminder on your phone during the treatment to remind yourself to apply the Nail Hardener Strong. Consistency is the key to success.

    Celebrate your results🎉:Treat yourself to a new nail polish or other small reward after each completed treatment. Celebrating your achievements motivates you to persevere.

    Nail Hardener Strong
    Nail Hardener Strong
    Nail Hardener Strong
    Nail Hardener Strong
    Nail Hardener Strong

    Transformeer je nagels met Herome Nail Hardener!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Simone (Capelle aan den IJssel, NL)
    Een goede nagellak voor mooiere nagels

    de nagellak helpt goed, zeker als je het nodig hebt

    Dieuwke T. (Hoorn, NL)

    Goede producten en zeer snelle levering.

    Tineke P. (Amersfoort, NL)

    Bevalt goed, maakt waar wat het belooft