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<tc>Nail Growth Explosion</tc>

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Boost nail growth for strong, long nails in record time. The revolutionary serum is rich in natural, potent ingredients.

Use for quick results as well as long-term benefits for the overall health and appearance of your nails. Ideal for anyone striving for the perfect nails without the hassle of salon visits.

    Active Ingredients

    Enriched with powerfulantioxidants, under whichvitamin E,provitamin B5and enlighteningvitamin C.Calming nettlehelps reduce redness and inflammation, while strengthening keratin protects and strengthens your nails. The rejuvenatingBaobab extractprovides deep hydration and has anti-aging properties to keep your nails looking youthful and healthy.

    How it works

    Step 1:Clean your nails with the nourishing Caring Nail Polish Remover.

    Step 2:Apply one drop of Nail Growth Explosion per nail daily.

    Step 3:Massage the serum lightly with your fingers so that it is well absorbed.

    TIP: Wash and dry your nails before applying nail polish.

    Motivation Booster

    Place the serum on your bedside table or in your bathroom so that you are reminded every day of your goal: beautiful, long nails.

    Where when

    By using the serum 4 times a year in a cure form or regularly, the nail will structurally grow longer and better by improvingthe matrix,the "nursery" of the nails, which allows the serum to work more effectively.

    Make it a habit:By keeping the Nail Growth Explosion in a visible place, such as on your bedside table, you ensure that you do not forget and you get the most out of the product.

    Celebrate your results🎉: Treat yourself to a new nail polish or other small reward after each completed treatment. Celebrating your achievements motivates you to persevere.

    (Or organize a spa day at home; how do we make sure it's not ONLY sales-oriented?)

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    Transformeer je nagels met Herome Nail Hardener!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Gina N. (Terneuzen, NL)

    Ik ben net aan het testen samen met andere producten. Ben heel benieuwd maar tot nu toe tevreden.

    H. (Tilburg, NL)

    Nog niet lang genoeg gebruikt om effect te merken maar eerste indruk is positief

    Kenza B. (Boxtel, NL)
    Top product

    Snelle resultaten, ik was begonnen met dunnen korte nagels en heb uiteindelijk dikke lange nagels binnen twee weken