How To apply: Herome Nail Wraps

How To Apply: Herome Nail Wraps

With Herome Nail Wraps, get perfect “painted” nails in just a few minutes, lasting 7 days. Can be applied anywhere: no strong odor and dries immediately. Also easy to remove and does not discolour your nails. No UV/LED lamp required. Healthier and more convenient!



The Herome Nail Wraps make Nail Art possible for everyone and protect the nails against tearing.

  • Fast & geasy: Perfect nails anytime, anywhere.
  • Odorless: Apply wherever you want, at home or on the go.
  • Immediatelydroog: No damage or waiting time.
  • Long lastingrresult: Lasts up to 7 days, and with the Herome Protecting Top Coat even up to two weeks.
  • Healthy &vsafe: No harmful UV or LED lamp required and will not discolor your nails.
  • Easy to vremove: No hassle, just take it off whenever you want.

HOW To: Herome Nail Wraps

Preparation: Push the cuticles back with the cuticle pusher. By pushing back the cuticles you can enjoy the Nail Wrap for longer, because you never apply it on the cuticle but just below it.

Make sure you degrease the nail with, for example, the Herome Caring Nail Polish Remover before applying the stickers. This ensures better adhesion and prevents bubbles under the sticker.

Step 1: Choose the right sticker

Select the nail sticker that is slightly smaller than your own nail (If you have artificial nails, choose the larger variant to mask the curve of the artificial nail). If you can't quite find the right size, you can always trim the sticker a little. Remove the protective layer from the selected nail sticker.

Step 2: Paste

Peel the sticker off the sticker sheet and place the sticker just under the cuticle. Press the sticker from bottom to top, up to the top of the nail. Make sure the sticker does not touch the skin or cuticle.

Once the sticker is in place, you can fold the edge around the top of the nail and ensure that the sticker is properly pressed everywhere.

Step 3: Filing

File the excess sticker from top to bottom, following the fold. For larger pieces, cut them off first with nail clippers. Avoid filing sideways to prevent damage. For short nails you can also shorten the sticker with nail clippers.


TIP: Apply the Herome Protecting Top Coat . This ensures that the sticker is sealed so that you can enjoy your manicure for at least 10 days. The Top Coat also provides a beautiful and professional shine.

Removing the Nail Sticker:
To protect the nail, use a nail oil, such as the Herome Nourishing Nail Oil, to remove the Nail Wraps. Spread the oil over the Wraps and loosen the bottom, on the cuticle side. As soon as you lift it up a bit and apply some oil underneath, you can easily remove the Nail Wrap and any remaining sticker residue.

Applying new stickers or paint? Degrease the nails for better adhesion with the mild Herome Caring Nail Polish Remover.

Although the nail stickers are not harmful to the nails, it is still advisable to pamper and hydrate the nail after removing the sticker with, for example, the Herome Nourishing Nail Oil or the Herome Hydrating Nail Oil.

From single colors to wilder prints, the Herome Nail Wraps are there for everyone. Herome has a varied range with changing, seasonal limited editions. View all Nail Wraps here.

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