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This is how you file your nails correctly

Yoana Gaydova

Getting your nails in shape seems like a simple job. However, there are still common mistakes that hinder getting your nails into optimal shape. This way you file your nails correctly for the best result.

Why do you need to file your nails?

Your nails grow on average 2 to 3 mm per month. In no time you will have a chance to get beautiful, long nails. Then you just have to maintain them properly. The most important thing is that you need to take good care of your nail plates. Nail plates consist of three layers. The top layer is the stratum corneum. This is the most vulnerable to external influences. When it dries out, the top layer comes loose, this is also called splitting nails. The second layer is the keratin layer that absorbs all the nutrients and retains moisture and fat. The third layer is the attachment layer that attaches to the skin on the side of the nail plate. It is important that the nail plates remain closed to prevent dirt and air from entering. As soon as these get a hold on your nails, you are more likely to split and crack and therefore become brittle. Cutting is not recommended, this opens the nail plates and we don't want that: cutting is the biggest cause of splitting nails. To get strong and healthy nails, it is therefore much better to file your nails. But how do you do that the right way?

This is how you file your nails

- Usage for your nails always a file with a fine structure. This seals the three nail plates properly, preventing splitting. A coarse file is more likely to cause hooks.

– Always file your nails in one direction and avoid making the sawing motion, from left to right, to keep the nail plates closed. The Glass Nail File from Herome has a special glass structure that only allows filing from the side towards the center of the nail. So not up and down.

– Place the file at a 45 degree angle under the nail. That is the perfect place to follow the natural shape of your nail and get the nails in the shape you want. If you file a little more of the sides, you will move towards a round shape. If you file more on top, you will look for a square shape.

– Never file away too much from the sides where your nail meets the skin. If this layer becomes too thin, your nail will tear more easily.

– File your nails at least twice a week to properly seal the three nail plates and to prevent dirt from accumulating in the top layer.

– For a natural look of your nail, always use the shape of your cuticle as an example. Is it oval, square or pointed? Then you also file the top of your nail in this shape.

After filing: extra care for your nails

Tip: Brittle nails do not only benefit from regular filing. If they really need a little push, it is recommended nail hardener to use. The added keratin ensures that your nail condition is improved. For the finishing touch, finish with a color from the Take Away Nail Color collection of Herome. Et voila! Your hands deserve to be seen!

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