Last van geribbelde nagels? Dit zijn drie producten die jou gaan helpen.

Do you suffer from ribbed nails? These are three products that will help you.

Yoana Gaydova

Do you suffer from ribbed nails or grooves and would you like to know how to best care for them? We have listed our best products for you so you can give your ribbed nails the best care!

What causes ribbed nails or grooved nails?

In most cases, the cause of ribbed or grooved nails can be compared to the cause of skin wrinkles. As the skin ages and/or dries out, skin wrinkles often develop because cell renewal slows down and the elasticity of the skin decreases. This also happens with your nails! Aged nails are thinner and more vulnerable and when your nails are also dried out, the ridges in your nails can even worsen.Good care is therefore very important. Don't we also pay extra care to aging skin?

Caring for ribbed nails

For ridges in the nails, we recommend various products that hydrate and care for the nails. Below we have listed the 3 best products from Herôme so that you know exactly how to best care for your ribbed nails!

1. Nail oil for damaged nails from Herome 

Herome's nail oil for damaged nails is perfect for both extremely dry nails and damaged or ribbed nails.This rich almond oil with vitamins and minerals repairs extremely damaged nails and nourishes the ribbed nail to the core. The oil also improves the strength of your nails and helps prevent splitting. By hydrating the nails from within, the structure immediately improves, so that your ribbed nails are immediately nourished and treated!

2. Nourishing nailHerome oil 

The Nourishing Nail Oil from Herome is a pampering oil for your nails that you leave in overnight to work. The oil crawls under the cuticle to the root and repairs your ribbed or grooved nails from the inside. This product is also perfect for dry, brittle and peeling nails and also prevents the nail from splitting or breaking. In addition, the oil stimulates poorly growing nails and cares for the cuticles. Because the oil improves the condition of the nails, the ridges in your nails are also treated equally!


3. Herome moisturizing nail gel

The Hydrating Nail Gel from Herome is perfect for use during the day and feels fresh. The moisturizing gel also protects your nails from drying out and keeps the nail in top condition! The gel crawls under the cuticle to the nail root and thus intensively tackles the ridges in your nails. Extra nice: the moisturizing gel feels wonderfully fresh and you can apply as often as you want. We recommend that you apply this gelafter the Nourishing Nail Oil for best results! 

The above products provide extra care and optimize the condition of the nails. It is important to know that a disease or genetic predisposition also causes ridges in your nails. Do you have very deep ridges or are there breaks in the ridges? Please contact your doctor to discuss this.

Camouflage your ribbed nails?

Do you have ribbed nails that you would like to camouflage? We have the perfect solution for that!
Herome Super Shine.With this nail file you can easily polish away imperfections.
Herome Ridge Filling Base Coat. This smoothing base coat nail polish quickly and effectively fills in imperfections in the nail plate.


More tips and advice on ribbed nails

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