Hoe groeien je nagels sneller?

How do your nails grow faster?

Yoana Gaydova

Have you ever wondered why your nails don't seem to grow as fast as you would like? It's a question on many of us' minds and it's no wonder that we are curious about how much our nails actually grow on average per week, right?

Because why is it that toenails seem to grow so significantly slower than those on our fingers? And why do nails grow faster in the summer? Herome has all the answers to these frequently asked questions about nail growth and more.

In short, if you've ever wondered how to make your nails grow faster, this article is for you!

Why are nails so important?

Before we dive into the most important questions regarding nail growth, it is good to ask yourself what nails are actually for and why nails are so important to us?

1. Protect us

One of the most important functions of our nails is that they protect the sensitive tissue at the ends of our fingers and toes. Nails act as a kind of shield that protects the nerve endings and blood vessels in our fingertips and toes from injury and trauma. In other words, without nails, these parts of our body would be much more vulnerable to damage.

2. Your health

That is why healthy nails are also important, because nails can serve as indicators for your health. Changes in the color, texture, or shape of your nails can indicate various health problems. Consider, for example, iron deficiency, vitamin deficiency, fungal infections or even conditions such as psoriasis or diabetes. So it is important to pay attention to the health of your nails.

3. We can't live without nails!

Finally, we must simply conclude that we cannot or do not want to do without nails. Our nails enable you to pick up, write, type and even scratch something. That is why we are happy that they are there every day and it is important to take good care of your nails.

Now that you know why nails are so important for our health, it's high time to dive deeper into how you can make your nails grow faster.


Question 1: How fast do nails grow?

Nails grow as newly formed cells that push the nail plate forward, but what does that mean? The newly formed cells are young cells and the cells that are pushed forward are, just like with your hair, dead cells.

Everyone's nail growth rate varies, but on average nails grow about 3mm per month. This means that it takes approximately six months for a fingernail to fully grow out.

However, nails grow more slowly in some people, but why is this? Various factors play a role in this, such as nutrition, type of work or vitamin deficiency. It is also possible that your nails grow downwards or that your nails grow upwards. This could be due to stubbing your toe or wearing shoes that are too small.This hinders growth and can cause your nails to grow differently.

Question 2: Why do nails grow faster in the summer?

Have you ever wondered why our nails grow faster in the summer? Well, that's because in the summer we receive on average morevitamin D from the sun then in winter. As a result, our nails generally grow faster in the summer compared to other seasons.

Since it is not summer all year round in the Netherlands (unfortunately), we have developed various products to stimulate the growth of your nails such as the Nail Growth Explosion, or theHerome Nagel Growth Explosion:

Nail Growth Explosion

But what does Herome's Nail Growth Explosion do? This serum is a source of silicon and provides excellent hydration for the nails, while also stimulating microcirculation. This contributes to a conducive environment for healthy nail growth.


In addition, the moisturizing effect ensures that the nails remain flexible and resilient. Our Nail Growth Explosion is therefore an excellent choice for anyone who struggles with shorter nails and wants to grow their nails faster.

Question 3: Why do toenails grow slower than fingernails?

The less blood goes to the nails, the worse they grow. But besides your blood supply, there are a number of other reasons why your toenails grow slower than fingernails:

  1. Use and pressure: Fingers are used much more than toes and are constantly exposed to pressure and friction. This physical pressure on your fingernails can stimulate their growth in response to the continued repair and renewal of the nail plate. Toes generally experience less daily stress, which means there is less stimulation for toenail growth.
  2. Genetically determined: Nail growth is also partly genetically determined, meaning that some people naturally have faster fingernail growth than others. The same goes for the toenails. nails grow on both the fingers and toes.
  3. Hormones: Hormonal changes can also affect the growth rate of nails. Consider, for example, pregnancy or puberty. These hormonal fluctuations lead to accelerated nail growth and this may occur more often in the fingers than in the toes.

Conclusion: It is important to remember that healthy nails are more important  than its speed.

Question 4: How can I make my nails grow faster?

Now it's time to answer our main question, which is 'how can I make my nails grow faster?'. In short, your body is naturally deficient in several vitamins and minerals, which can slow down the nail growth process. Think of silicon, calcium, vitamin B7 and D. These vitamins and minerals are, among other things, very important for nail growth.

Nail serum

To supplement the lack of essential minerals and vitamins in your nail, the experts at Herome have developed a serum for this purpose, namely theHerome Nail Growth Explosion. This serum is the perfect product due to its multiple effects, which promotes both nail condition and nail growth. This product is very rich in Silicon which plays an important role in the growth of healthy and strong nails.

The moisturizing effect also ensures supple and strong nails. This serum is the perfect product for people who have short and damaged nails, for example due to nail biting.

Do you want to let your nails grow? Then apply one drop per nail of the Nail Growth Explosion daily for beautiful long nails!

Should you stop biting your nails first? Look here for the anti-nail biting solution from Herome - Bye Bite. 

Which products make my nails grow faster?

At Herome we have many products that can make your nails stronger and healthier. Strong nails grow faster than weak nails. It is therefore important that you take good care of your nails with the right products.

We have listed our 6 best tips for strong nails but we also recommend that you look at the following products take a look at our webshop:

1. Nail Growth Explosion – Stimulates microcirculation and healthy nail growth.

2. Nourishing Nail Oil – A pampering oil for your nails. The nourishing oil penetrates under the cuticle to the root and thus repairs from within. Hello, strong nails in top condition!

3. Moisturizing Nail Gel – Our moisturizing gel also protects your nails from drying out and keeps the nail in top condition. The gel crawls under the cuticle to the nail root and intensively repairs the nail.

Don't forget to take a look at the Herome Youtube, Instagram  and Facebook for more tips and advice to give your nails the best care.

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