De perfecte smokey eyes in slechts 5 stappen!

The perfect smokey eyes in just 5 steps!

Yoana Gaydova

Smokey eyes can create a chic and sexy look, but the eye makeup must be applied properly of course! Follow the simple smokey eye step-by-step plan below to create the perfect Smokey Eyes Look yourself!

Making smokey eyes: what do you need?

Many stars take to the red carpet with beautiful smokey eyes, but how do you apply eye makeup perfectly without the help of a makeup artist? Fortunately, the experts at Herome know what to do with this! We start with an overview of the supplies. To create the Smokey Eyes look you will need the following makeup: 

  • Eyeliner or eye pencil
  • Smokey eyes colors: 3 shades of eye shadow of the same color, think of black, gray or brown.
  • Brushes to mix the colors
  • Mascara to really complete the look

With these make-up supplies you are ready to start. Let's go!

Smokey Eyes step-by-step plan

Step 1. The right smokey eyes makeup color

Perfect smokey eyes are created by a transition of colors. For this we work from light to dark. This is why you should have 3 shades of the same matching eyeshadow color. With this we create a color gradient where the rule applies: the closer to the eye, the darker the color and/or the heavier the coverage of the eye shadow.

Ideal Smokey eyes colors are, for example: light gray, dark gray, black or light brown and dark brown. You can also choose the same color, but with different coverage. Of course, we mainly see smokey eyes colors in black or gray tones. You can also choose to work with dark brown, which is less hard. Of course, you can also apply the technique below with a completely different color! The result can also be beautiful with, for example, a gradient in green tones, blue or red with pink!

Step 2. The first smokey eye color

The result you want to achieve is a gradient of colors. For that reason we start by laying the foundation and we do this with the lightest shade of smokey eye eyeshadow. Take your brush and gently apply a thin layer under your eyebrow. Work this further towards your eyelid in the width of your eyebrow.

Step 2.1 Apply middle color to your eyelid crease

With the middle smokey eye color eyeshadow, color the center of your eyelid. Continue where you left off with the first color. The line of your eyelid crease is the perfect place to start.

Step 3. Final shade and fade away!

You will color the last part with the darkest color; the part just above your eyelashes. The closer to the eyelashes, the darker the color. Now that all the color shades are in place, you can use a brush to touch up everything and blur the overflow of colors so that everything blends together nicely. You mix the smokey eye colors lightly, but make sure that you do not change the intensity: from heavy to a lighter color.

Step 4. A line above your eyelash line

Put a line above your lash line, with a thickening towards the outer corners of your eyes. Instead of an eyeliner, you can also use an eye pencil. For a smokey eye, a dark color is most suitable, such as black, gray or dark brown.

Step 5. Finishing touches: Mascara

The only thing left to do is shaping your eyelashes. Since you've applied a lot of eye shadow, your lashes need a little extra to stand out. With the right mascara and possibly an eyelash curler you can give your eyelashes a boost. Maybe the nourishing Brilliant Mascara from Herôme is something for you? This gives volume and nourishes your eyelashes at the same time.

Note: for the perfect Smokey Eye look you can put on quite a bit of mascara, so don't be too careful with this. With the Smokey Eyes look you are ready to shine!


Tips and advice

To really complete this look, it is also important that your eyebrows look tip-top. Readhere how you can best make your eyebrows fuller with the right products from Herome! Don't forget to check out our Youtube Channel, Instagram and Facebook for more tips and advice on eye makeup and hand, nail and foot care!

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