Nagelriemen terugduwen: zo doe je dat!

Pushing back cuticles: this is how you do it!

Yoana Gaydova

It is wise to push back your cuticles every week. This not only allows your nails to continue to grow, they also appear longer and more well-groomed. But how exactly should you push your cuticles back? These are the best tips & tricks.

Why should you push back cuticles?

Your cuticle is that clear piece of thin skin between your finger and nail. Cuticles form a barrier for bacteria and fungi and therefore have an important function. However, they can sometimes become annoying: harden, dry out and even crack. You cuticles can bleed and a wound occurs. But more often than not, your cuticles dry out, stick to your nail bed and hinder the growth of your nail. This can even deform your nail a little.

You can prevent this by regularly pushing back your cuticles. Moreover, your nails appear through pushed back cuticles longer. It is important that you know how to push your cuticles back. This vulnerable piece of skin needs some attention first.

How can you push back your cuticles?

You will be working with an area that is sensitive to bacteria and infections, so before you start pushing back your cuticles, it is important to clean your nails completely. Remove all nail polish with an acetone-free nail polish remover. This prevents small remnants of nail polish from sliding under your skin, which can cause an infection.

Then soak your cuticles for a few minutes in a bowl of warm water and some coconut oil – which is soothing and has the property of killing bacteria. Warm water softens your cuticles, making it easier to push them back. You can also push back your cuticles after a warm bath or gentle shower. You can soften the skin even more with a special cuticle oil. This is how the Cuticle Softener Pen soothing due to the caring properties of avocado and almond oil. You can easily apply the oil to your cuticles using the marker.

Place your hand flat and push with the lead of the pen or with the Cuticle pusher gently pull back your cuticles. Do not apply too much pressure to avoid cracks. Once you're done with all the fingers, wipe your cuticles with a cotton ball.

What do you need to push back cuticles?

Once you start pushing back your cuticles, you will need several attributes:

  • Acetone-free nail polish remover to clean your nails, such as the Caring Nail Polish Remover, which prevents dehydration and makes your nails shine thanks to the ingredient Lanolin.
  • With a Cuticle Peeling Gel you can loosen stuck cuticles within a minute. The peeling removes loose skin, leaving your nail surface free.
  • With a soothing oil, such as the Cuticle Softener Pen, you can soften and soften your cuticles. Avocado and almond oil make your cuticles more elastic and less stiff.
  • The Cuticle Remover softens hard skin particles to make pushing your nails back even easier.
  • A Cuticle Pusher, or a cuticle pusher, is a stick with a round and slanted end. With this sloping side you carefully push the cuticle back.
  • To keep your cuticles soft and hydrated, apply a nourishing cream to them every day. The Cuticle Cream prevents tearing of your cuticle and keeps your cuticles soft and supple.

  • For damaged cuticles, use the Cuticle Night Repair. This miracle pen treats wounds and repairs dry, inflamed and painful cuticles.

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