Zó moet jij je nagels verzorgen: Nagels verzorgen in 6 stappen

This is how you should care for your nails: Caring for nails in 6 steps

Caring for your nails is more than just painting your nails, there's actually a lot more to it! It's an essential part of your overall beauty routine and can make a significant difference. make a difference in how your hands look and feel. But how do you take care of your nails?

In this article we have our 6-step plan for your nail care, so that your hands and nails look beautiful and well-groomed.


Step 1: Make sure you don't forget your hands

When you talk about nail care, many people immediately think of just nails. Makes sense, but did you know that nail care actually starts with your hands? Nails need enough moisture to stay healthy.

Nail tip: When your hands are dry, this immediately affects your nails.

So make sure your hands are well nourished with a good hand cream to maintain the moisture balance. When choosing a hand cream, it is essential that it suits your specific needs and preferences.

Step 2: The right nail care products

There are many different nail care products and it can be a bit overwhelming at times. Everyone needs different nail care.

We have listed belowsome nail products from Herome with a brief explanation so that you know exactly what you need:

  • Weak nails?

Do you suffer from weak nails? Then a nail hardener is the perfect solution for this! At Herome we have various nail hardeners, all with their own specific purpose.

Discover our different nail hardeners and choose from o.a the variantsSensitive, StrongorExtra Strongoto care for your nails and keep them strong and healthy so that they grow endlessly.


  • Very dry and dull nails?

Do you suffer from very dry and dull nails? Use the Hydrating Nail Gel (Hydrating Nail Gel) for intensive nail care. A moisturizing nail gel is important in nail care because it deeply hydrates the nails and cuticles, keeping them healthy and flexible. This helps prevent splitting and breaking of the nails and ensures a well-groomed appearance.

In addition, using a moisturizing gel promotes the growth and strength of the nails. This way you keep the nail supple and give it extra shine.

  • Very dry, brittle nails?

Do you suffer fromvery dry, brittle nails and cuticles? TheNourishing Nail Oil (Nourishing Nail Oil) from Herome restores the condition of the nails and keeps them supple. In addition, the oil stimulates poorly growing nails and nourishes the cuticles.

  • Aged nails?

We also have the perfect solution for outdated nails. We would like to introduce you to the Anti-Aging Lacquer (Nail Perfect Anti Aging) a rejuvenation treatment for your nails!

The rich vitamin complex of the Nail Perfect Anti-Aging protects your nails against the effects of premature aging.

  • Ribbed nails?

Finally, our solution for ridged nails: the Ridge Filling Base Coat. This base coat evens out an uneven or ribbed nail plate. The nails become smoother and beautifully even.

Step 3. Take care of your cuticles

Let's quickly move on to step 3, which is taking care of your cuticles.Dry or stuck cuticles can prevent your nails from growing properly.Therefore, use the Herome Cuticle Night Repair before going to sleep. By gently massaging the serum every day, you ensure that your cuticles remain well hydrated and do not dry out.

Step 4: Do not cut files 

Here's another nail tip: filing is much better for your nails than cutting! Cutting causes damage to your nails and hooks, splitting or tearing nails will only weaken your nails even more.So always make sure you have a file in your handbag, not only handy, but also good for your nails.

Looking for a good nail file? We have different nail files for different moments:

  • Glass nail file (travel size): This glass nail file is perfect for in your handbag or when you're traveling.
  • Glass nail file: In our opinion, amust-have for every occasion. A file that makes incorrect filing impossible.
  • 4 way perfect Nail File: This file has (as the name suggests) four structures, namely coarse, medium, fine and extra fine. Each structure gives each structure a different effect, so you can experiment and see what works best for you.
  • Super shine: This file is not just for filing, but this filealso createsradiant nails without using nail polish.
  • 4 way perfect nail bufferThis nail file has four different functions: one for the nail edge, three for the nail surface. The file not only gives a shiny effect, but you also file the nail into shape and length.

Step 5: Do not use aggressive nail polish removers

Nail polish with aggressive chemicals (such as acetone) may remove your nail polish very easily, but they are disastrous for the health of your nails.

Because the chemicals remove moisture, your nails weaken. View our nail polish removers without acetone. This wayyour nails don't dry out and you keep them strong!

Step 6: Make sure your nails are well painted

Have you painted your nails with glitter or strikinglyred or consider yourself a French? manicure as a gift, it is nice if your nails continue to look neat and well-groomed. Therefore, make sure that as soon as your nail polish starts to peel or become faded, you immediately take action and do something about it.

With our Colour Revival nail polish or protective top coat, you ensure that you nail polish stays beautiful longer and the nail polish color is retained.


More tips and advice about nail care?

Thanks for reading our blog! Don't forget to check out our Youtube channel, Instagram and Facebook for more tips and advice to give your nails the best care. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them and contact us.

For now we wish you the best of luck with taking care of your nails with our 6 steps.

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