De perfecte wenkbrauwen tekenen in 5 simpele stappen

Draw the perfect eyebrows in 5 simple steps

We owe the full eyebrows trend of recent years to Cara Delevigne. The thin lines from the '90s are definitely a thing of the past, but unfortunately not everyone is blessed with a full eyebrow. Fortunately, there is a solution for that coveted look: eyebrow shaping. But how do you do this properly? We have listed 5 simple steps so that you can go out with beautiful full eyebrows!

Step 1. Remove excess hairs

First things first: start by plucking your eyebrows.Use tweezers such as the Precision Tweezers from Herome with a sharp point that fits comfortably in your hand. This way you can easily remove the finest hairs. You can then style the hair again. Determine what thickness you want for your eyebrows and how this fits your natural eyebrow shape. Epilate the hairs that do not belong to this shape. By removing these hairs you have taken the first step towards drawing beautiful eyebrows! Not sure how to determine your eyebrow shape? We wrote an article about plucking and determining the correct eyebrow shape.

Tip: Do this after showering. The heat of the water expands the capillaries, making it easier to loosen these hairs. Epilation is therefore less painful!


Step 2. Determine which color you should use to fill in your eyebrows 

After removing excess hair, choose an eyebrow color that best matches your hair color. The choice of color also depends on the makeup you wear and what you want to radiate, but in general you can assume the following:

  • Blonde hair: 2-3 shades darker than your hair color
  • Brown hair: Go for light brown or a maximum of 2 shades darker than your hair color
  • Black hair: 1- 2 shades lighter than your hair color

Step 3. Choose the right products to draw the perfect eyebrow

After you have chosen the right color, it is time to get started. You can use different products to draw your eyebrows, it just depends on what look you want to create.

Eyebrow pencil
Use an eyebrow pencil if you want to add hairs or if you need to fill in 'gaps'. You can work very specifically with the pencil. Make sure that you draw eyebrows in the direction of the hair and do this with soft strokes. This way you prevent hard, unnatural stripes. Did you accidentally create hard lines? No stress! Blend these lines using an eyebrow brush.

Eyebrow powder
For full and impressive eyebrows, use a fine eyebrow powder. Apply a little powder to an angled brush such as the duo brow brush from Herome. Start slightly before the center of your eyebrow and spread the powder evenly. Follow the natural lines of your eyebrows. Then apply the last bit of powder at the beginning of your eyebrow. This way you create a beautiful transition from light to dark for a natural effect.

Do you find it difficult to draw the perfect eyebrow? Herome also has Brow Stencils to give you a helping hand. You can hold these shapes in front of your eyebrows to determine a shape.

Step 4. Enjoy your beautiful eyebrows longer with eyebrow gel

The right eyebrow gel keeps the eyebrow hairs in shape all day long. Through wind and weather: your eyebrows remainon point. The Herome eyebrow gel also gives the color an extra boost! Looking for a long-lasting fix? Then theBrow Gel Professional is the product for you.

Step 5. Finish it off with highlighter

For a real wow brow  a highlighter is a perfect final step. Apply this shimmer under your eyebrow arch. The shape of your beautifully drawn eyebrows will stand out even more. Your face also immediately appears slimmer and longer. Choose from the different colorshighlighter from Herome to really complete your look!


Tips and advice

Now that you know how to draw a full eyebrow, it's time to really go all out with smokey eyes. Follow our simple step-by-step plan for this chic look. Don't forget to take a look at our Youtube Channel, Instagram and Facebook for more makeup tips and advice!

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