Dit kun je doen tegen wintertenen

You can do this against chilblains

Swollen toes, red discolouration of the skin and a lot of itching or even pain. There is a good chance that you suffer from winter toes. Fortunately, you can do something about it!

What are chilblains?

The name says it all. Chilblains are most common in the period between spring and autumn. In these cold and damp autumn months, your protruding body parts that are lightly vascularized, such as   hands   toes, ears and your nose, are often exposed to the harsh weather. Especially in areas where the air is humid and where there is a lot of wind, cold conducts well. So it is logical that we have a lot of winter toes in the Netherlands. But what exactly are chilblains? Due to temperature changes, for example by moving from outside to inside – where it is warm – your small blood vessels automatically dilate and constrict to retain heat in your skin. Anyone who suffers from chilblains suffers from a disturbed mechanism. The large vessels in your middle layer of skin - the dermis - constrict, but the small capillaries suddenly behave in the opposite way: they dilate. The blood does not flow properly, causing congestion or a lack of oxygen in the skin. The result is slightly damaged or inflamed blood vessels. Your skin looks blue, red or purple, swells and becomes itchy or even painful. Your feet are not in optimal condition.

How do you prevent chilblains?

Chilblains can be hereditary. If family members suffer from it, there is a good chance that you will also experience it. Hormones or the use of certain medications, such as beta blockers, can also play a role. You can prevent winter toes by wearing good shoes that do not pinch. It is also important to move your feet, for example by exercising, to wear thick, woolen socks and to properly heat the rooms where you stay for a longer period of time.
If you have developed winter toes, then it is important to pay attention to your feet. For example, by applying a thick layer of foot cream every day. Chapped Skin Foot Cream contains nourishing ingredients that help repair damaged and dry skin. It softens your skin, but more importantly: it stimulates your blood circulation.
Daily Protection Foot Cream has a cooling and soothing effect, perfect for those areas that are swollen or damaged. The added menthol has a cooling, calming effect and reduces itching and pain.


Tips against chilblains

  1. Limit the rapid transition between cold and heat. As soon as your feet heat up too quickly, swelling increases, causing more itching and pain. So don't do it: immediately plunge into a hot bath. Do: allow your feet to warm up slowly.
  2. Don't go to sleep with socks on. Besides the fact that it does not help against winter toes, it is not hygienic. Your feet cannot breathe enough and start to heat up, causing fungi, eczema or   cracks   to lurk.
  3. Try not to scratch. Before you know it, you are tearing your skin, resulting in wounds, inflammation or bacteria.

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