Zo Behandel Je Hielkloven En Kloven Op Voeten

This is how you treat cracked heels and cracks on feet

Cracked feet are a common but often ignored problem. As we go about our daily lives, we often forget the silent heroes of our busy days: our hands and feet. They carry us through hectic schedules, helping us with countless tasks, and yet they rarely get the attention they deserve. At Herome we recognize the importance of natural hand care, not only for beauty, but also for health and well-being.

Normally grandma would know what to do with cracked heels, but maybe it's high time we face our problems ourselves. Cracks are not only a cosmetic problem, but can also cause discomfort and pain. They are a sign that our feet are crying out for care and attention.

We will explore the causes of cracks and how natural hand care not only our hands, but also our feet can transform, leaving them healthy, soft and free of cracks.


What exactly are cracks on your foot?

Fissures on your foot are areas that are so dry  that the skin cracks. You can compare it to dried out soil that has cracks and cracks. You can recognize cracks on your foot by the vertical white cracks that are slightly open. Sometimes the skin around is swollen and red, sometimes even with moist wounds.

An open crack in your foot is very painful. Cracks on your foot almost always occur in places with a lot of calluses: on the edge of your heel, under your forefoot, sometimes on the edge of your big toe. The pressure of your weight is greatest in these places. Because dehydrated skin is not elastic, the risk of cracks is greatest here.

Cracks on your foot due to dry skin

Cracks on your feet occur in both winter and summer. In winter it can be caused by dehydration, for example by taking a shower or bath that is too hot. The moisture-regulating fat layer of your skin disappears, causing it to dry out.

Wearing sandals, flip-flops or walking Barefoot walking can also contribute to cracked feet. For example, because your skin hangs over the edge of your shoes. But there are more ways that the skin on your feet can dry out. This can occur due to the use of a certain soap, due to changes and imbalances in your hormones, swimming pools with chlorine or being overweight.

What you can do about cracks on your foot

Once you have cracks in your foot, it is important to know what you can do about it.

To prevent cracks on your foot, we recommend applying a special cream that helps restore the moisture balance in your skin. The Chapped Skin Foot Cream softens your skin, improves elasticity and stimulates blood circulation. Our cracked feet ointment contains nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E and vitamin B5. Using this activates the formation of new skin cells. This way, dry and broken skin can recover.


Prevent cracks on your feet with these tips!

Are you sensitive to cracks in your feet? Then it is wise to pay attention to your feet regularly. Here are some tips to prevent cracks on your feet.

Wash your feet consciously

If you wash your feet daily, do not do so for more than ten minutes to avoid dehydration. Use lukewarm water. Soap degreases your skin, while you need it to regulate moisture. Therefore, use pH-neutral soap.

Feed the feet

Lubricate your feet with a nourishing cream. Daily Protection Foot Cream can be used every day. It is immediately absorbed by your skin, is not greasy, but leaves a thin layer that protects your skin's natural barrier. Ingredients such as menthol, glycerin and triclosan have a cooling and protective effect, ensure the correct moisture balance and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Prevent calluses

We cannot be clearer: avoid calluses. Calluses are a major culprit in the development of cracks on your foot. That is why it is smart to keep calluses within limits as much as possible. The Glass Pedicure File helps prevent hard skin on your feet. Use the coarse side to file away calluses. You use the fine side for polishing, which makes your feet feel extra soft.

Treat cracked feet with Herome!

After exploring the causes and how to prevent rifts, it's time to take action. With Herome's dedicated range of natural hand and foot care products, we provide effective solutions for treating cracked heels and cracks on the feet.

Our products are carefully formulated with nourishing ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin, restore moisture balance and soften the skin, promoting the recovery of cracks. Whether it concerns our intensively moisturizing foot creams, nourishing oils or protective balms. Each of our products is designed to care for and pamper your feet.

You can treat cracked feet together with Herome.

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