Broze nagels? Wij hebben de beste tips op jouw nagels te versterken!

Brittle nails? We have the best tips to strengthen your nails!

Do you suffer from weak and brittle nails that easily break, tear or even fold in half? You are certainly not the only one with this problem. Many people suffer from weak nails, which is not only annoying, but can also affect your self-confidence and the appearance of your hands.

In this blog we take a closer look at the cause of brittle nails. We also give you some useful tips and advice on how to best care for your nails. From practicing effective nail care routines to the products you should use. In short, all the information you need to transform your brittle nails into strong and healthy nails.


What are brittle nails?

But first of all, what are brittle nails anyway? Brittle nails, also known as brittle or weak nails, are a common problem characterized by nails that easily break, split or flake.

This can make the nails look thin, uneven and unhealthy. The symptoms of brittle nails are different for everyone, but you can often speak of weak nails if you have complaints such as:

  • Breaking nails;
  • Split nails;
  • Nails that fold in half;
  • Torn nails;
  • Loose nails.

Obviously all very annoying nail problems to have, but fortunately all easy to solve. But what causes brittle nails?…

What causes brittle nails?

The strength of your nails is largely determined genetically, but other factors also play a role. The exact cause of brittle nails is different for everyone.The cause of brittle nails can vary and is often a combination of several factors.

Here are some of the most common causes of brittle nails:

1. Nutritional deficiencies

One of the main causes of brittle nails is a lack of essential nutrients. A deficiency of biotin, a B vitamin, in particular can lead to weak nails. Biotin plays a crucial role in the health of skin, hair and nails.

Other important nutrients include iron, which helps transport oxygen to the nail cells, and proteins, which are the building blocks of the nails. Inadequate intake of these nutrients can result in brittle, thin and easily split nails.

2. Prolonged exposure to water and chemicals

Regular and prolonged contact with water, especially hot water, can dry out the nails and make them weaker. This is because water can wash away the nails' natural oils, making them dry and brittle.


Also The use of cleaning products and chemicals, such as nail polish remover with acetone, can damage the nails. These products can damage the natural protective layer of the nails, resulting in brittleness.

3. Excessive use of nail polish and artificial nails

Frequently applying nail polish or wearing artificial nails for long periods of time can also contribute to brittle nails. Nail polish, especially those that contain strong chemicals, can dry out and weaken the nail.

Additionally, the process of removing nail polish, especially with strong removers, can further damage the nails. The use of artificial nails, such as acrylic nails, can lead to a thinning of the natural nails, making them more brittle.

Tips to strengthen your brittle nails

It can be very annoying to suffer from a brittle nail and/or nails. That's why we've put together our best tips to make sure you know how to strengthen your nails!

Tip 1: Avoid water contact

By frequently going in and out of the water, there is a constant change of hydration and dehydration. This causes the nail plate to absorb too much moisture and can become brittle.


So make sure you put on rubber gloves when you do the dishes, for example, to prevent brittle nails!

Tip 2: Avoid chemicals

Chemical substances such as cleaning products and nail polish remover based on acetone are really disastrous for your nails. In addition, it is important to always use nail polish remover without acetone.


Acetone removes moisture from your nails, which is obviously not desirable.

Herome nail polish removers do not dry out your nails and care for them!

Tip 3: Use our nail hardener

Strong long nails in 30 days, who wouldn't want that? The product: Herome Nail Hardener. Our Nail Hardener has been specially developed to strengthen weak, weak and easily tearing nails.

Our Nail Hardeners are guaranteed to make your nails harder and stronger within two weeks! We offer three different variants:

1. Nail Hardener Sensitive

Do you have sensitive nails? Then this Nail Hardener Sensitive nail hardener is ideal for you. The added keratin ensures that this nail hardener improves the condition of your nails.

2.Nail Hardener Strong

HDo you have weak nails? With this nail hardener for strong nails, you will get stronger nails in no time. Try it yourself and be amazed by the results.

3.Nail Hardener Extra Strong

Do you have extremely weak nails? Then this is the solution for you: this is the undisputed number one among nail hardeners. With the unique Herome Nail Hardener Extra Strong you will get rock-solid nails in no time and reduce the risk of cracks and cracks.


Tip 4.Take good care of your nails

Do you often paint your nails or use artificial nails to hide the brittleness? Then it is very important that you strengthen your brittle nails with the right care, after you have taken off the polish or removed your artificial nails.

Our almond oil for damaged nails is perfect for this.This rich almond oil with vitamins and minerals repairs extremely damaged nails and nourishes the nail to the core.

Special care after wearing artificial nails or taking medication

We also have a nail care package that has been specially developed for after removing artificial nails or long-term use of medication. This package includes everything: from recovery to care of your nails.Click here for more information about this nail care package.

Do you dream of long nails, but do they split or tear easily? Herome's specialists have also put together a package especially for this.The all-in-one nail care package for weak and splitting nails.The handy mini products in these manicure sets are ideal for getting to know Herome's extensive nail care collection.

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