Ingescheurde nagel herstellen? Nagelverzorgingsexpert Herome tipt wat je het beste kunt doen

Repair a torn nail? Nail Care Expert Herome types what you can do best

Do you suffer from a torn nail? That is anything but nice, but it is not surprising that it happened. Did you know, for example, that your nails grow on average 3 to 5 millimeters per month? Things can go faster in the summer, because you are more often exposed to vitamin D, which has a major positive effect on your nails.

But this means, among other things, that your nail will tear more quickly if you are not paying attention, while you may have been just as good with your nail routine. But what can you do about torn nails? Do you have to file the nail completely short up to the crack or can your nail still be saved? Herome gives you the answer in this blog!


Why does a nail crack?

Torn nails are a common problem that occurs when the different layers of the nail plate become loose.

This can be caused by a lack of moisture and nutrients in the nail. If you often wash your hands, work with cleaning products or swim, not only your hands dry out, but also your nails. Biting your nails is of course completely out of the question and using a nail polish remover with acetone also causes dehydration. The lack of moisture makes your nails softer and brittle.

When the nail plate does not contain enough moisture, the layers can no longer 'stick' together properly and become susceptible to cracking. This is similar to split ends caused by dry hair and can only be resolved by cutting the hair. A hook in your nail quickly turns into a crack and then you're in trouble.


Repair torn nail

In case your nail is only torn a little bit and is not bleeding, you can also glue it, for example with the SOS Nail Repair from Herome:


The SOS Nail Repair glues the crack, whether it is on the edge of the nail or on the nail plate. Before use, first clean your nail of dirt. Then clean the nail with the Caring Nail Polish Remover, without acetone.

Apply 1 drop of SOS Nail Repair to the crack. Let this dry for 90 seconds and press the nail together if necessary.

Then use the supplied Mini Shiner to file away adhesive residue. Apply a nail hardener over it to give your nail the strength to support light cracks and grooves.


The added keratin ensures that the condition of your nails improves in the meantime. The result? Your nail will not tear any further and will have a chance to grow again.

Torn nail with wound? Ouch!

Anyone who gets stuck on something is simply unlucky. Once you have a torn nail, look carefully at how the nail is torn.

Is your nail bed bleeding? It is then important to take good care of the wound. There can be a lot of dirt under your nails, so cleaning with iodine or alcohol is certainly an option. Then take a good look at how deeply your nail is torn. If necessary, trim and file the corners to prevent from getting caught on something again and tearing your nail even further. Then cover your nail with a plaster until the wound is closed.

Preventing torn nails

First of all, it is useful to know that you can preventtorn nails. You now know that brittle nails are more likely to crack. What you can do to prevent this problem? Apply our tips and the chance of a torn nail will be much smaller:

1. Use gloves as much as possible when washing dishes and cleaning.

2. Use nail polish remover without acetone.

3. Make sure you file any hooks or cracks so that they don't get caught on something and tear them even further.

4. File your nails instead of cutting them with scissors: cutting opens the nail plates, causing cracks and splitting more quickly.

5. Hydrate and strengthen your nail plate by using the Nail Hardener Strong . Goodbye cracks and dents, hello strong nails!

6. Make sure you nourish your cuticles daily with, for example, the Herome Cuticle Night Repair to make the dry skin around the nail plate softer and more flexible.

Maintaining strong nails 

Taking care of your nails until they are strong and sturdy is therefore very important for preventing cracked nails. In any case, it is recommended to file your nails at least twice a week.

Not only will you help keep your nails in shape, but you will also minimize hooks and cracks before you even realize they are there. Torn nails are now a thing of the past!

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